Time Flies


They say that time flies when you’re having fun. In reality, I think that time just flies. Life is fleeting, and when we don’t take time to stop and admire it, we miss it. To let you a little into my world, this weekend was a good one. Obviously it was Father’s Day, so my siblings and I took time to celebrate Dad. This one was another first for us all, but I think all things considered that it was a good weekend. We spent quite a bit of time together as a family between Saturday morning picking up 17 from camp, going to the movies that afternoon, and toping the day off today with a Riverdogs game and Mexican food for an early dinner. It’s moments like these that are fleeting, and have to be cherished.


Over the past month, and yes folks, tomorrow will be a month that I’ve been back at this thing, I’ve been surprised and more than a little bit humbled that people actually read what I post here. I’ve tried to be consistent in posting as many days as possible, and will continue to, but I think the next evolution with this will be a little more structure in what I’m posting and when. To start with, tomorrow I’m going to start a new weekly feature. I know you’ve all heard of the saying “In Case You Missed It.” I’m going to use those weekly features to showcase some of the better posts from the past, and also to bring in some of the images and verses that I’m sharing on Instagram that may not have made it to being featured in their own posts yet.


And that’s really the main point behind this tonight. I’m in awe that it’s already been a month. I’m surprised that God has seen fit to give me words on so many topics ove the last month. I know that there are areas that I want to give greater thought to and some things that I still want to take a first look at, so this will continue to evolve. I’m hoping that you’re blessed by what’s here since God is clearly showing Himself in my weakness. There is no way that I could possibly hope to continue without His leading.

If there’s something specific that you’d like to see, would you mind terribly leaving a comment? My hope and prayer is to get to where this is more interractive and that we might all grow in community (rather than it just be a collection of my disjointed ramblings). Anywho….more to come. Thanks for sticking with me!

Soli Deo Gloria



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