In Case You Missed It (vol. 2)


So last week I introduced this feature, and at least for the time being I will be keeping it as a weekly posting. As we get further into this, I think it will switch to a monthly feature, but for now a lot of what’s going into this blog is really my exercise in building a habit. I hope that it is enjoyable for everyone who reads it, but really the amount that I’m posting is so that I build up the habit of posting. Once I get a better rhythm of when I’m posting, I think that the quality of what comes out on the keyboard will improve, but really you guys will be the ultimate judge of that.

So, without further ado, below is a short list of previous posts for your perusal. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane or maybe that you might find something you missed but that speaks to you now when it might not have before.


Back in the early days of this site, I had the grand notion that this was really going to be an addition to the rest of the work that I was doing, rather than the bread and butter. At the time, my whole goal was to be a photographer, and everything centered around shooting and promoting my work, and this was a reaction to a sharp kick in the teeth from a complete stranger. Now, not to say that hasn’t happened again since them, but I can safely say that I don’t remember this particular incident. Instead, I like to think that I’ve grown since then and that I’m able to encourage others when I was clearly not given encouragement at a time I may have desperately needed it.



While this my not be one of my better feature images, I’m adding it to this week’s ICYMI because it’s the image that I featured on my birthday 2014. In looking back, there really is nothing special about this particular image, and I have taken many others that I think look better, but this is the one that I featured, and it just goes to show how far you can come with a little drive and determination…and a whole lot of practice.



This is a more recent post, but one that I think came out even better than I intended when I sat down to write that night. In the season that my family has been going through, the theme of this post has been hard, but I think that in each of our own ways, we are all choosing joy as much as possible. I know that for me, each day has it’s share of trouble, so finding the joy filled moments in each is essential. Over the last few weeks, I have been able to see and focus even more on positive things by refocusing when I find my thoughts trailing toward the negative. I have to say that this is in large part due to the encouragement that I find from the people who are in my life, and for that I truly say thank you. You will never really know how much your words of encouragement mean.


I think I probably could pull out more posts to feature here, but then what would I feature next week? We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled musings on scripture tomorrow night, but for tonight I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.

Soli Deo Gloria


2 Comments on “In Case You Missed It (vol. 2)

  1. Hi Allyson,
    I found your blog through MoneySavingMom. I’m glad you decided to give blogging another try, as I know your stories will be a blessing to others. I especially like how you incorporate Bible verses into your posts.

    • Thank you so much Diane! My goal is that anything I post be a blessing. Hope you have a fantastic day!

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