In Case You Missed It (vol. 1)


So like I said in last night’s post TIME FLIES, it’s really crazy to believe that I’ve been doing this for a month now. In some ways, it seems like I just started writing again, and I’m not really sure where it’s going to lead. In other ways, I could swear I’ve been at this for a long time. Either way, the spice of life is trying new things, so I’ve decided to start a weekly feature entitled “In Case You Missed It.”

What I’m going to do with this to start is just highlight some of the posts from the recent, or maybe even distant past to give a bit of a showcase for where we’ve been and how far the blog has come. I’m not going to highlight everything because really that wouldn’t be a highlight so much as a gross restatement….and both you and I would be bored with it nearly immediately.

Instead, I’m going to pick 3-5 posts to maybe talk a little more about, and I’ll link back to them if you’re so inclined as to want to read the original post. I hope you guys will because I am going to bring back some stuff from the first iteration of this blog as well, so if you’re newer to the site, you may not have seen some of these posts from two or three years ago. So hang on tight, here’s your first look at some stuff you may have seen before.

Photo Adventures – South of Broad

When I first launched this site in November of 2013, I was certain that I’d use it as a way to build my photography business. To that end, I set out at the time to build my portfolio and talk about the process along the way. This post was the first in a semi-short lived series where I focused on different areas that I would spend my time shooting. There’s not a whole lot of detail in these first few posts, and surprisingly few pictures since I apparently wanted to market my work. I’m not really sure why there’s a great lack of images in these, but a lack there clearly is. Maybe I’ll revisit this series at some point and build on it. Let me know if there are specific places you’d like to see highlighted, and I’ll certainly do my best to accommodate and get an artists view of the places you love best.

Photo of the Day (January 1-2)

Another thing that I attempted in the early days of the blog was to do a photo of the day feature. In a lot of ways, that attempt was similar to my Verse of the Day feature now, but I feel like there wasn’t a whole lot of meat to those posts. This first one is a good example. I like the images I used, and I hope you do too, but in the end there wasn’t much to it. I’m much more pleased with the potential of the Verse of the Day series….and don’t worry, I’ll feature some of them tonight as well.


While I don’t think that this post needs much introduction, I will say a few words. This was the jump back into this world of blogging, but with a slightly modified purpose. The first time around with this blog, I was certain that I was going to use this as a way to generate interest in my photography locally, but if I’m honest it never had any real success because it was completely self-centered. This second attempt at this blog has had a completely opposite focus. What I’ve tried to convey, and what I hope is clear, is that this is not about me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d certainly love to make a full-time living writing and shooting photographs, but ultimately that’s not my goal. My goal is to shine more of a light on Christ and to share what I’m learning with you. Of course, I do still have the goals to feature photography, travel, and writing on here, but right at this juncture those aspects of the blog have taken a back seat to what I feel is the main calling for this outlet.


This fourth post is one that I feel needs to be featured here. In case you missed it, my Wonder Woman passed in early April of this year, and this post delved into some of the emotions I’ve fought through since that day. I don’t know that there will ever be a time when I don’t miss her, but I do hope that some of my work to move through to the other side of that grief is able to help someone else who may be on the same path.


This will be the last post that I feature tonight because I think it did a good job of trying to capture what my goal is with this site. In this post I talked about using our unique gifts to serve God’s kingdom. Wisdom and Knowledge. Faith and Healing. Miracles and Prophecy. Discernment and Tongues. All of these are ways to serve the kingdom, and I again challenge you: How will you serve the Kingdom and the King today?

Well folks, that’s all she wrote for tonight. I’d like to thank you for taking this journey with me, and as a special reward, the images throughout tonight’s post are verse of the day images that have not been featured in their own blog posts as of today. I’ll do my best to expound on them in the future, but for tonight I hope you enjoy the images and are uplifted by the verses.

Soli Deo Gloria


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