Heart’s Desire

I’m a little later today on posting, but that’s because I’ve been hard at work on getting some things set on here. For anyone who likes my Facebook page, you saw earlier this evening my announcement that a new site was going live tonight. Well, I’ve been working hard on getting everything set with that so that you can continue to see updates and so that all the content I’ve worked on previously wasn’t lost. I think I’ve got all the bugs worked out now so that this can be a fantastic site moving forward, but I am always up for suggestions, and please let me know if you see something missing that was here before.

Now, on to what this post is really about……DESIRE.

In our world of instant gratification and over sexualization, the term desire has been skewed. I also think that because of the pervasiveness of prosperity gospels, this verse in particular can be and has routinely been taken out of context. Many people, including me, want this verse to be about God giving us the things that we desire. In wanting to be rich by earthly standards, we miss the beautiful promise contained in this verse.

Delight yourself in the Lord

Psalm 37:4 starts off with a command. It starts with an imperative. In order for us to obtain what follows, we must first delight ourselves in the Lord. So what does that look like? I think it manifests itself differently in each person, but ultimately, truly delighting in the Lord allows God to take His rightful place as the central focus of our lives and everything that we do.

In addition to that, when we are truly delighting in the Lord, we will begin to see a shift in our priorities. Where before you may have desired a bigger TV or a fancier car, as your central focus shifts to God, you’ll find that the things that are most important to you will begin to line up more closely with the perfect things that God desires for your life. Where you might have previously been tempted to settle in one area or another, as your walk grows closer to God’s, you will begin to hold yourself to a higher standard.

And He will give you the desires of your heart.

As we strive to walk closer with God, ultimately He will work to shift our desires. I spoke yesterday about dreams. This does not contradict that. If the dreams I have now versus the ones I had five years ago are any indication, striving to grow closer to God doesn’t diminish our dreams, but rather serves to focus them on the things that are edifying while giving us an even bigger dream to accomplish. He works in us to adjust our desires to serve in Kingdom building, and is delighted to present us with our righteous desires. My prayer is that through this I might be able to achieve even bigger things according to His purpose. That’s my prayer for you as well.

Soli Deo Gloria


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