Gift from the Sea

Today I’m going to do this a little out of order. Normally I post a verse on Instagram, but then don’t write about it until later. Tonight’s verse is going to be the exact opposite. Instead, tonight’s verse is one that I haven’t presented before, but a theme that I want to talk a little about.

A couple of years back, my aunt gave me a copy of Gift from the Sea, a book written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and I’ve started reading it again. It’s a quick read if you want it to be, but is packed full of wisdom. That name will be familiar to you because her husband was Charles Lindbergh. If you’ve never read this book, I’d highly recommend it, and have added a link below to where you can order it through Amazon.

The reason I think that this is such a good book is because it has a way of speaking to the soul. Even if you’re not a beach person by nature, I think that there are some universal truths that she presents that go hand in hand with some of the reasons that I started this blog. She talks of finding a new pattern and rhythm to living. Of taking life at a slower pace and enjoying it as it comes. Of finding time in the daily life to build on the creative sparks that God has placed in your life.

Now, we may not all have the same gifts and talents that allow us to be creative, but we should still work to build on the passions that God has given us. Like Anne, I have developed a passion for writing. Without hesitation, I can say that the best part of my day is pondering what to put here and then seeing it come to life on the screen.

My cousin who lives in Alaska is pursuing her passion for painting by going to art school at night and painting a new piece each month. If you have a moment, I’d love it if you’d check out some of her work as well. It can be found HERE. It’s truly spectacular to see how far her skills have come.

Another friend of mine is a writer and has written the screen play for a movie as well as multiple books. Only God Can shows how God works to call His children, and her books focus on life in and around the city that we both love, Charleston.

I guess what I’m really wanting to get at with this is to encourage you to build on those things that excite you each day. Your passion is probably not the same as mine. We may have different ways that we are building on our creative sides for the Kingdom, but the end result should be the same. Fan the flame, use the creativity God has given you, make something beautiful to glorify the King.

So what’s your creative outlet? What do you look forward to working on each day? 

Soli Deo Gloria



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