This is my dog Bear. He is a Great Dane and will feature often on this blog.

Hello All! This blog started in 2013 as an extension of my attempt to be a professional photographer. Since that time, life has taken many turns and what was once an attempt to work for myself was abandoned as life got in the way. Fast forward to now and I have gained some different perspective and priority and am starting this adventure again. This time my purpose is slightly different, as are my goals. I’d still love to do photography full time, and maybe one day I will, but the purpose of this blog right now is to share the journey I’m on. A lot has happened over the last few years, and I want to share those lessons and the silver linings in bad situations. There are some sad things, but I’ve found that focusing on the positive makes for a much better life. Some posts will be longer than others, but at least for the time being, they will each focus on a single image in order to focus what I write. Hopefully this will be insightful and that you’ll enjoy taking this journey with me. 
All photography is (c)CharminglyDixie 2017

This is my miniature schnauzer Sophie. She’ll also make many appearances on the blog.



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